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Luxury Portable Toilets

Where to buy a luxury portable toilet

luxury portable toilet

luxury portable toilet

So, you’re looking for luxury portable toilets for sale? There’s a few things to keep in mind when considering to buy:

    1. Do you require a portable luxury toilet trailer or a fixed cabin that sits on jack legs? If you wish to move the portable luxury toilet to various sites then a portable toilet trailer is a must. These mobile toilet trailers are constrained by width as they will need to fit within road safety specification, which typically require the portable toilet trailer to be no more than 6.6 feet wide.
  • What kind of luxury fittings do you require. Think about whether a more traditional luxury feel with gold taps and ornate fitting will suit your customers. Or a more modern feel with glass, chrome, wood and pastel or modern colours are more suited to your audience.
  • Luxury toilet cabins for sale can come in the form of a cedar clad toilet blocks, which fit in nicely with their surroundings. These are very popular with caravan and campsite or country park.
  • Have a look around at portable toilet manufacturer companies near to your location and arrange to view their facilities so you can gauge the level of quality. Luxury portable toilets can cost upwards of £8000/$16000 so make sure you’ve done your homework before buying.